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December 29, 2009 (Late Post) January 12, 2010

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Today marks one year that my family lost our Grandpa. People say time heals all things or that you get stronger,  but I would hardly say I am 100% healed just yet… It’s hard to describe the feeling, really.  I’d say you learn to deal with a pain more than actually ever getting over it. After some time, a pain becomes a numbness, but the void still remains. Losing my Grandpa has been the biggest pain my hearts ever endured, and hopefully the last.


Survey Research Project December 4, 2009

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Survey Research Project PDF

Survey Research Project Blank Survey

December Survey Results


Puppy Troubles 101 November 10, 2009

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Getting a puppy was something I’ve wanted for years and years, so let me start out by saying that I have ZERO regrets on doing so. But man, they definitely do NOT come with warning labels or instructions…

Potty training seemed easy – you take the dog out every few hours, and eventually it’s supposed to learn that the grass is it’s sanctuary for all its bodily wastes… But eventually doesn’t mean weeks, and maybe not even months. Today is November 10th, I’ve had Daisy since August 23rd, and just when I think she gets it, she squats right in front of me to prove me wrong.

Puppies, just like elementary-aged children, lose their teeth. To my surprise, Daisy not only lost her teeth, but her cute little puppy breath, too. & now, along side of teeth falling out all over the place, her breath just down right stinks! Lucky for me, she LOVES to give puppy kisses, so I get lathered in her smelly slobber! 🙂

In attempts to try to regulate this bad breath, I went to Wal-Mart and bought her Dingo Dental Stix (& I most certainly do NOT recommend them, not even to my worst enemy), which are designed to be a tasty treat for your pup, while cleaning its teeth and freshening its breath. Not only has it NOT done any of the above, its made her sick to her stomach for the last 2 days… Which has lead to me coming home from class today to an absolute MESS in her crate – I’m sure anyone could read between those lines…

Daisy’s very good about being in her crate; I will say this is her first accident in there, so I know there must be something wrong. Naturally, I called the Vet (he is back in my hometown) seeking any advice – considering the distance – that he could give me about what to do, given my situation. His first question was about the treats… he asked me where they were made. I quickly grabbed the box, scrolling down the back to find the manufacturer’s location. Sure enough, it said “Made in China” at the very bottom. As soon as I read that to him, he said it wasn’t the definite cause for her upset stomach, but he often finds a correlation between the two.  His reasoning made sense; you just don’t know how the treats are processed when they come from foreign countries. Dr. Stone recommended only purchasing treats made in the U.S., and preferably those made in southern states. He also recommended I give her a little pepto… & since then, she has been seemingly better.

I learned 2 things today… Stay away from foreign dog treats, & don’t spend ridiculously on dog beds & blankets because you just never know how bad they can be ruined.

Now if only the rain could stop… I could take the little girl out before she soils another spot on my carpet! 🙂


Just Some Thoughts…

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With the semester coming to an end, I find myself restless about doing school work & having to study… But I can’t let myself slip; I worked very hard last semester to bring up my GPA and refuse to lose my motivation to laziness.

I’m anxious to be done with college, but hesitant to grow up… The graduation stage is near, and I can’t afford to be wasting anytime. I will say though, I am kind of excited about the final projects we have due for the end of the semester. I really did enjoy my classes this semester and am fortunate to say that I was blessed with good professors (even if they pal up and talk about how much they dislike our “clique” corner in the back 😉 ). I’ve also been lucky to work with a group of girls that are hard-working and very creative.

Although my group didn’t win the mid-term project in issues, I’m glad we got the topic that we did because I can appreciate all the hard work we put into the assignment. If other people can’t see the value, well, they either didn’t understand what our aim was, or just weren’t paying attention to begin with. I think all the groups did well, but some definitely held higher stakes than others.

I’m very excited to be the “account manager” for the final project in writing because I’ve always thought I’d like to be in a position like that in the future. It really felt good to see that my classmates wanted me to take that position as well. I often feel a little insecure in situations like this because I lack confidence, but I’m working on it.. Slowly but surely. Professor Batchelor says we should walk into a room and feel like we’re the smartest person there… But I don’t feel that way because I still feel like there is so much more to know. I want to feel that way though.

My internship at Focus is going well. Next week is our Plant City mixer, and I am looking forward to attending this one since I wasn’t able to make it to the Winter Haven mixer last week. Planning these mixers have been enjoyable, especially when the outcome is favorable. I think mixers are a great way to maintain positive rapport between businesses and it keeps things a little more fun for everyone.

I’ve been poking around lately on different blog sites, and other news sites to see what’s the latest and greatest news… Nothing too mind-boggling.. Which really makes  me wonder how some things are considered news worthy. With some of the things I read, I wonder how the heck we couldn’t possibly get a good story with all the great ideas we came up with in class (for our final project). Sometimes, I think journalists just throw any old thing together because they didn’t have time to read all the pitches that people sent them or something…

I read an article earlier about schools banning “dirty dancing,” is that even THAT important to have on CNN? With all the issues at hand in our society, you’d think they could find something a little more relevant to the times.

I’d also like to say that my heart goes out to all of those families who lost a loved one in the shooting a few days ago… What a tragic event to take place, especially with the Holiday’s right around the corner. God Bless all of those soldiers who continue to put their lives on the line for us.

Well, that’s all for now… I’m sure I’ll have more to say soon, I ALWAYS have something to say. 🙂

P.S. I’m dyinggg to go sky-diving again soon!


Interview Project November 2, 2009

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Research On Social Media Report PDF


Chick-fil-A Social Media Project September 23, 2009

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